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THE CLAIM LIST. - Βιoѕѕoм Яαίη 《♡Ј-Ent ★☆ RPG》
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EMI SUZUKI (emilkyy) - 21 years old - played by RIKA.
AIM: Wish d0ll
The only child of the Suzuki family, Emi has lived most of her life in Hokkaido, in high-class boarding schools; however, she's decided to take a few years out of college to live a more average life, and has taken to spending daddy's hard earned money to support her flamboyant, expensive lifestyle. Parties, clothes, and guys -- what more could a girl want?

HYDE (L`arc~en~ciel) (sweetsighs) - 25 years old - played by Takumi.
AIM: soul wanting
The Takashima Wakagashira, recently relocated to Blossom Rain. Secretly keeping an eye out on his nephew. Despite his rather soft appearance (and short stature), Hyde is excellent at evoking respect and getting things done. Holding no one particularly close to his heart, he is still a bit of a mystery.

KIRITO (ex-PIERROT) (promotor_fidei) - 28 years old - played by Mari-chan.
AIM: M4r1ch4n
Not linked to any Yakuza family, Kirito is a different piece in the building: he's a lawyer, and as such, he should represent justice above anything else. The thing is that he's the devil's advocate, and he's goddamn proud of his job.

URUHA TAKASHIMA (Gazette) (kaikyu) - 22 years old - played by Takumi.
AIM: scream freedom
Wearing makeup and thigh- baring outfits, Uruha looked like the kind of guy you'd find in a nightclub, but not the kind of guy who owned it and was the only son of one of the most prominent Yakuza families in Japan. Just living day to day and trying to avoid his inevitable fate; nursing a slight alcohol dependency and spending most of his time in his own little world.

-- last updated aug. 27, 2006.
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